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cardioedzés speedfitness
step-aerobik zumba
szauna alakformálás
erősítőgépek pilates
szolárium finn szauna
kondícionáló edzés

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If you looking for a modern, but friendly place to have your workout, than you're on the right place!
Want to know more about our fitness? Visit 'About us' at the sidebar, or take a tour around the place with the photos in the 'Gallery'. If you're intrested in our everydays, want to be aware of our news, please follow us on Facebook on our blog!

*  SPEEDFITNESS in Bank Center Fitness!
* Daily ticket 1 690 HUF to the gym and 1 590 HUF to aerobic,
    from 09:00 to 15:00 only on weekdays!
*  ALL YOU CAN MOVE card (XXL), Sportcard accepted! 
   More information at the Fitness!
* You can pay from now with SZÉP card
  (K&H,MKB,OTP) too!


* Spinning classes only with
   pre-reservation! (limit: 11 person)
* Reservation for aerobik classes is not 


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